Ya'll know me... same old G. Just been low key.


Who Was Your Childhood Hero?

AT&T: We could do a secret question... like who was your childhood hero.

Me: Oh. Everyone would be able to hack me then.

AT&T: Why?

Me: Because everyone knows it was Billy Corgan.

AT&T: Who is Billy Corgan?

Me: A rockstar. God I was a weird kid.

The Night & Me

"It’s weird how you look out at the night."

"What do you mean?"

"You look out into the night with such wonder, and you seem completely comfortable in it. You look happy when you’re looking out into it, like all your friends are out there in the darkness."

*I Smile*

"They are."

I fear that I am ordinary… just like everyone. :) <3

Babysitting Moments

"I’m bored"

"Come with I will show you something awesome."

"COOL!?!?!!! WHAT IS THAT!?"

"A game. A Video Game. Your Mom is going to kill me"

"She won’t kill you she loves you."

"No she will kill me I promise" *laughs*


*5 Minutes Later*

"Is it working yet? I wanna play and then my Mom will kill you!"

"That’s right buddy!"

*looks at my stomach*

"How did they get the baby out of you?"

*Dropping him off*

"Okay son… go with Katt"

"It smells!"


"No it does smell…" -me

"I touched something dirty!"

"Come with me I have hand sanitizer."

*enthusiastically applies to himself*

"We have a lot in common kid." 

"Why do you have two babies?"




"THIS" *Grabs Boppy off the bed and puts it around him. Then under him. Then flops over it*


"The Boppy works on 4 year olds? I use that to burp the baby!"


and finally

"Mom I mean Katt!?!"

"You can call me Aunt Katt"

*blank stare*

"Fine you can call me MomIMeanKatt".

I&#8217;m just be checking mah emailz

I’m just be checking mah emailz

Thank You

Emergency Tori worked. Tori Amos saved my life… One more hour of the horror movie scream practice & I would have jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge.